Company Profile

HD Cinema™ has at its core a group who have a vision for the creative use of 4K and HD technology for program production and post. To further that interest they have invested in some extremly high tech digital video gear including a range of equipment for 3D Stereo production and post. Since 1998 they have been working in high def with individuals and companies within the independent film community, providing creative and technical services and consulting for a variety of sophisticated clients. These clients are producing brilliant and creative short film and music videos, a range of dramatic narrative, action and suspense, romantic comedy and other genre independent feature films, and dynamic documentary and reality based television programs. These productions are primarily driven by the creative talents of the scriptwriters, directors and actors, but their energy is fueled and supported by the power of how to use these integrated digital production processes. We simplify 4K and HD24p acquisition and the 2K Digital Intermediate post process both of which can be made overly complicated and more expensive than necessary if you don't know what you are doing.

Our Mission

To utilize breakthrough technologies in providing High Definition 4K and HD24p digital video and film services for motion picture and television program production, post-production, and theatrical exhibition and broadcast distribution. HD Cinema™ is looking for and working with a variety of partners to provide the foundation for the collaborative efforts required to develop, produce and refine projects designed to engage mass audiences. Please contact us if you are interested in a strategic relationship.



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